Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

A Grow Light is an artificial light source usually defined as an electric light designed to support plant growth by emitting lights suitable for the process of photosynthesis. The LED grow lights have made the world a whole new place to live. Today, you can easily make good use of electric lighting which can imitate the sun’s ray for growing different plants all year long. These grow lights come in a lot of different varieties; one of them is the light spectrum. There are different light spectrums for different stages of growth such as vegetative growth, flowering, seedlings, and late flowering cannabis, etc. Most of the LED Grow Lights come with an all-integrated system of the spectrum of lights. But selecting the best one from them is not easy.

Are you also looking for the Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights? Here are the top 5 LED Grow Lights that you should give hands on!


  • Roleadro LED(300W)


This hanging LED Grow Light gives your plants all the necessary nutrients they need. It provides a full spectrum of light that also contains the red light, which is very important for photosynthesis. It provides a more useful light system hanging right above the plants to encourage fast growth of plants, blossom and produce healthy fruits. It hardly generates any excess heat, and the light is backed up by a 2-year warranty. Roleadro LED is perfect for growing flowering plants.


  • TaoTronics 12w LED


TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light is easy to set up and super handy to make sure that you don’t waste a lot of time in the installation process and instead, focus on its performance. These LED lights are very pocket-friendly as they are priced at a meager rate and consume very less power and since they don’t emit a lot of heat energy, they are perfect for tight spaces. It comes with a twelve months warranty and is ideal for maintaining the full growth of your plants.


  • MARS HYDRO Reflector 480W LED


This device uses 96 pieces of LED to produce a high light intensity with less power consumption. MARS HYDRO Reflector grows light help in improving the growth and development of the plants and also increases the yield. The usage of this scroll grows light can reduce the heat generation by 60%. The efficiency of the cooling system of this device is the use of pin cushions heat sinks and fans. It is suggested not to use the lights when the fan is stopped to ensure its proper working for a long time.


  • Marshydro LED (300W)


Earlier, growing plants indoors was a very hectic task but thanks to Marshydro LED Grow Light, growing plants inside the house is now fun. This light consumes only 132 watts in a go, which means you’ll be able to save a lot of energy. It produces a wavelength of light, which is fully absorbed by plants to ensure better growth. Again, the price of this device also is very reasonable, and it also comes with a 12-month warranty. It is effortless to use, just plug it in to turn ON and unplug the device to turn it OFF.




The 300W LED Grow Light by Viparspectra is perfect for growing all kinds of indoor plants. These lights are specially designed to maintain the balance of the coverage and PA/Lumen outputs and to make sure your plants grow bigger and denser. If you have a large area of plants to grow, this is the unit you should go for. The full spectrum light produced by this device is of high quality and comes with a warranty of 3-years.  


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