Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

The time has gone when you have to wait for a particular season to get adequate sunlight for your plants. And it was a more difficult task when it comes to your indoor plants. But today, with the advancement of science you can make good use of artificial electric lighting which imitates the sun’s rays and helps in growing plants all year long. Now, you have this opportunity to customize your growing seasons without the need to depend on the weather to plant your favorite seeds.

This indoor artificial sunlight is available in different varieties which serves different categories of plants such as fruits, vegetables, houseplants, orchids, crops, and other indoor grown plants.

These are the top 6 Best LED Grow Lights for your indoor plants which will help you to grow plants around the year.

Top 6 Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

  • Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light

Galaxyhydro LED consists of about nine different bands of light, and it is total noise free. You do not have to worry about the hum of noises that are usually produced by other grow lights. It gives you a low noise cooling and generates very little heat hence keeping everything cooler and noise free. It also has a dual fan system that helps in cooling. It is the best grow light in case of efficiency and saving money and energy.


  • California Lightworks Solarstorm 440

Its size makes it so perfect for growing indoor plants that it is preferred by most of the people. There is no wastage of light energy, and it works the best for vegetative and flowering stages. The lights provide five brands of a spectrum ranging from deep blue to deep red bands. It features a unique supplemental UV B, a canopy and long life OSRAM SSL to provide excellent results and high efficiency.


  • Sun System LEC 315 120v light

The number one priority of indoor growers, Sun System LEC, grow lights makes the excellent use of cutting edge light emitting ceramic technology provides outstanding performance. It has a higher amount of useful UV and far-red spectrums that increase lamp growth power to the plants. It has an improved system of a full-color spectrum. The price of this grow light very reasonable, and it does not consume a lot of electricity.


  • G8LED 600 Watt MGA LED Grow Light

This LED has been tested and proven and is still maintaining its fame for the last eight years ensuring that you get nothing but quality. It provides a system of indoor growers with high-quality plant growth and highest yields. It is being tagged as the perfect grow light for the entire growth cycle due to its considerable area coverage many other wonderful features.


  • Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light

If you’re using the older version of this grow light, replace the old ones with Advanced Platinum Series Grow Light, and you will notice a significant improvement regarding power consumption. This grow light is popular because of its energy efficiency and uses the least amount of energy without compromising the power output. It provides the highest lumen per watt consists of high quality LED lights and provides the light from sudden line surges.


  • iPower GLSETX600HMWING20 600

Priced at a very pocket-friendly rate, it features a balanced spectrum of the light set that offers a healthy chlorophyll production as well as regulating the life cycle of the plant. This wonderful scroll light is completely dimmable, so you can adjust the light to create a night environment. It is best for making grow tents s it consists of the best type of reflectors.


Indoor grow lights are available in a number of sizes and variety. Pick up the most suited one that matches your retirements and is very energy efficient. Also, drop down a comment below and let us know if we’ve missed any other grow light that should be a part of this list!


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